Vanessa H Smith

Vanessa H Smith

Smith earned her B.A. in Urban Design from Stanford University where she founded the Architecture Club and then earned her Masters in Anthropology from Columbia University in 2006.  She has lived and worked in New York, India, Nepal, London and North Carolina as a producer and director, on feature-length films, documentaries, music videos, and shorts.

Smith is most proud of a BBC Correspondent piece she produced, which was instrumental in helping free a 14 year old from prison, helped changed Nepalese law, and which won the Amnesty International Media 2000 award for television news.

In 2017, Smith’s installation of 94 short films –“ The Art of Impermanence,” was shown in Venice, Italy as a satellite exhibit to the Venice Biennale.

Smith is also a painter who has been in over 25 solo and group shows. She has painted murals, designed silverware, tableware, hand painted textiles, and graphics for numerous clients including Henri Bendel and Geoffrey Bradfield. For a PBS special about Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Steiglitz, Smith’s job was to paint 100 O’Keeffes in three weeks. Her latest project is loveitwhileitshere – painting buildings that are about to be torn down.



Vanessa H Smith

Mairead Kilgallon

Mairead is an undergraduate student in the class of 2022 at Princeton University. She studies English, with a concentration in Creative Writing and Film Studies. She has worked as a screenwriter, researcher, and proposal manager for Vanessa Smith. She also worked in production and development for New York-based production company 4th Row Films, assisting in the production process for documentaries shown at Tribeca and series intended for major streaming sites.

A student-athlete at Princeton, she is also captain of the Division I Women’s Rowing Team and a main coordinator for the nationwide Rowers for Change fundraiser in support of the non-profit organization STEM to Stern.



Vanessa H Smith

Ulla-Maija Kivimäki

Ulla-Maija has a unique background, long professional experience and diverse skills in design, website design, graphic design, email marketing, branding, photography, video, music production and digital publishing. She is adaptable, comfortable in many cultures and milieus, and enjoy a collaborative working environment. She has a team who works with her on larger projects and complex work.

In the past, she produced music albums, concerts, festivals and videos for a New York non-profit, Society for Universal Sacred Music. Her specialty is Indian classical music which she has studied for many years in the US and India.

She is known as “Ulla-Maija”, her Finnish first name, as a designer in the world of fashion and wedding couture. She founded and grew a successful luxury brand and a New York based fashion company, Ulla-Maija, Inc., renown since 30 years around the world for its couture bridal designs that continue to be in demand today.

She was born and grew up in Lapland, Finland, and became an international fashion model at the age of 16 working around the world for a decade while studying design and marketing.


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